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B&J Body Shop Inc. originated under the name of B&J Motors in 1961 with owners Bill Zumwalt and Jack White. It was originally located on the corner of Sunrise Blvd and Folsom Blvd in Rancho Cordova. To accommodate its growing business, B&J Motors moved to our present location at 11000 Folsom Blvd in Rancho Cordova on the corner of Kilgore and Folsom Blvd.

After the addition of an 11,000 square foot building to the 1.5 acre plant in 1966 a new owner stepped onto the scene. Buzz Chambliss owned B&J Motors from 1973 to March 1975. Frank Andrews, Jr. purchased B&J Motors in 1975. Frank then hired Rick Johnson as General Manager and Steve Messner as Body Shop Manager to run the shop for him.

In 1980 Rick and Steve decided that they would purchase B&J from Frank. The name changed to B&J Body Shop Inc. and the business evolved from there. With approximately 10 employees and a fleet of only a few tow trucks (of which only two were operating), Rick and Steve had their work cut out for them.

From the beginning Rick and Steve established their professional success based on a couple of very sound principles:

  • Provide high quality service and workmanship at a fair price and

  • Do this through highly competent, quality employees

These principles have brought B&J not only many return and referred customers, but a number of key employees. The newest of the business partners of B&J Body Shop, Dan Charlebois began as a tow truck driver in 1986.

Dan built the fleet of 18 tow trucks and operating crew to what it is today. Dan is partners in B&J Towing and B&J Body Shop and is the General Manager over both businesses. B&J Body Shop and Towing employ nearly 100 employees, and occupy 3.5 acres.



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