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“Thank you so much for all the help you gave me in towing my car. Having an accident is never a good experience, but you and B & J made it a little easier. Thank you and God Bless “

~Wendy B.  


“I want to thank you for the fine professional, friendly and timely service I received at B & J Body Shop.”

~Sue M.     


“Thanks so much for the great job you did on my truck. Your work is excellent and you definitely have my referral!”

~Amy M.    


“Just a note of thanks for the great repair job on our Maxima. Mike was extremely easy to work with and the car looks great.”



“I really appreciate your patience and understanding when it came to my T-Bird. Tell every one that worked on my car, great job!!”


~Helene B.   

“I have been going to tell you for some time how happy I have been with your body shop work on my car...I would recommend B & J to anyone.”

~Atta T.    


“We wanted to thank you for your past and present service on doing an outstanding job in restoring our vehicle. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

~Kim and Steve G.    


“A quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work in regard to my car repair. Even more than the hard work, I thank you for the patience and kindness you showed me.”

~Phyllis S.    


“Thank you so much for the wonderful service given to me during the repairs of my vehicle. The workmanship of the repairs was absolutely outstanding!! Please extend my sincere appreciation to personnel responsible for making my car look great!”

~Jackie G.    


“First of all I would like to start this off by saying your company has been great! You got to me on a rush basis during the Holidays. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in this claim...B & J Body Shop...did an EXCELLENT job.”

~ Angela G. 


“I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff for restoring the beauty of my car. My Lexus is a wonderful car to drive, and I am real proud to drive it once again.”

~Mrs. O.  


“I want to let you know what a wonderful job B & J did on my car...A few other little repairs were mysteriously fixed also...Please let everyone know who was involved in fixing my car that I’m delighted with the results. No one can tell it was in the body shop. You have a very satisfied customer.”

~Rosemary F.  


“Many thanks to you and all at B&J Body Shop for the excellent work done on my car when it was in for body work. It looks great. All of you were very kind and helpful to me during the process.”



“I just wanted to thank you and the others for the great job you did on the repair of my truck. It looks great. Thanks also for making the whole process very easy.”

~Janet N.  


“This note is to express my sincere gratitude for the fabulous service I experienced at your shop...I certainly will highly recommend you. Thank you so very much again.”

~P. E.   


“We really appreciate the service. Thank you very much!”


~Carol O.  


“I considered writing to the editor/Sacto Bee, your service is something special!”

~Barbara P.  

“It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company. The work done to repair my truck was done with an exceptional attention to detail. I was especially pleased at the appearance of the truck when I picked it up. The attention given to the appearance of both the outside and inside of the truck was exceptional. I did not expect that you would take the time to even clean the windows and vacuum the carpets.”

~Bruce N.    


“I have had my car repaired at B & J Body Shop and they did a superb job. The people who work there go out of their way to make the customer happy.”

~Georgina M.   


“I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my recent claim experience.”

~Stephanie B.   


“Last month, your firm did an excellent job of repairing a “fender-bender/rear-ender” to my Honda...I would certainly recommend your establishment in the event of a vehicle mishap by one of my friends.”

~Ken F.    


“I would like to send a letter of thanks and recognition to one of your tow truck drivers...You certainly have a conscientious and pleasant employee and it’s comforting to know your business is just around the corner.”

~Laura M.   


“You guys took car of my ‘88 Honda Accord dash and window. It looks great and the window works fine. Thanks for your help and courtesy during my wait in the reception area.”



“A job well done speaks well of itself. The work your staff did on our car was excellent!!”

~John & Jesie S.   


“Thank you for such above and beyond service. I’d like not to need tow or repair, but I’ll never go anywhere else if I do!”

~Amanda J.  


“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work and the friendliness of all the staff.”

~Alyssa M.   


“We just want to thank you so much for all the time and consideration you have put into our car. It’s always nice to know you can depend on someone when dealing with a situation like we have had to deal with. With great appreciation and thanks.”

~The W. Family   


“Thanks for always being there…”

~Wendy and Michael A.  


“...Your community spirit makes me proud to call Rancho Cordova my home.”

~Sue M./Cordova Cordettes   


“Thank you so much for your very generous donation of gift certificates for serves from B & J to our annual dinner/auction fundraiser. Your kind support of our efforts to help our neighbors in need is greatly appreciated!”

~Twin Lakes Food Bank 



“Thank you so much for your generous donation of two car wash-detailing. You are so kind to support education and take an interest in helping others!”


~Kathy R. Sacramento Adventist Academy  


“I want to thank you all for how you made my “bad situation” a whole lot easier. When I came in after “nearly killing” a couple of people, I was feeling pretty bad. By the time I left, you all had lifted my spirits. Thanks for getting my car fixed so quickly…”

~Chris G.   

“I very much wanted to thank you for receiving back such a clean detailed car. It was so nice of your shop to do that and we do appreciate it.”

         ~Judith L.  


“Thank you for helping me get back on the road.”


~Louis V.   


“Thank you-all of you- you took good car of me and my car. All of you were very thoughtful, and courteous.”


~Carolyn C.   


“..a big thank you for considering, and then arranging for our ‘86 Olds to have a new roof lining. What a great job!”


~Ken and Joyce A.  


"...I just wanted to tell you all again how much I appreciated your help. I would have been happy with a referral and use of your phone to call a tow truck. That you guys took the time to actually fix the hose and get me back on the road—despite the fact that it was after-hours and that water hoses aren’t what you typically repair—was really extraordinary.”

~Kevin F.   


“We wanted to thank you very much for the generous offer to detail our Ford Expedition. Your staff did a great job in all aspects of the process from the front desk to the shop...The water spots came out and our car looks GREAT! Your organization appears to be a well run outfit with good people serving your customers…”

~Brad and Marj S.  


“Thank you for a job well done on our Subaru.”


~Bill and Jean B.


“We want to tell you how pleased we are for the service we received from your company...The actual work on the car was great... We have told many people about your great service and would recommend you to anyone…”


~Mark and Jennifer D.


“I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all involved in the repair work of my 2003 Honda Accord...The customer service at B & J is nothing short of “WOW”...I will always use B & J for my auto body repair needs, and would never hesitate to refer my friends and family to this wonderful company either. I hope all your clients feel as positive about their experience as I have, and I wish you continued success.”

~Linda B.


“Thank you all for working as a team serving customers’ needs in the repair, replacement and up-scaling of my automobile. The behavior from each one of you displaying discipline, character, thoughtfulness and a cheerful attitude is recognized. It changed my depressed spirit of life emotions to a new level...resulting in a feeling of contentment and satisfaction that all is well.”

~Norman N.

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