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Auto Detailing
Auto Detailing Services


Getting your car detailed consistently is the #1 way to extend the life of the appearance of your car. At B&J Body Shop, one of our secret weapons is our automobile detailing department.

When we’re done with any repair, we’ve got to make sure that it doesn’t look like your car’s just been in a body shop for the last week. It can’t be filled with dust. It can’t be covered in wax or compound or anything of that nature.


Our team – all who have experience in every part of auto body repair – are experts in knowing what to clean, how to clean it, all the different types of services there are on a car and what to do. They have a wide range of knowledge on all makes of vehicles, whether it be paint, plastics, alloys and more.


A complete interior and exterior detail is the final part of our auto body repair process. But – you DON’T have to get body work done on your car to use our detailing service.


All Car Detail Shops are NOT Created Equal

Your car’s paint is like your skin. Foreign contaminants can stick to it; overspray, tree sap, fallout, bugs, hard water stains and much more. Anything of that nature gets on your paint, it’s going to damage it if you don’t know how to properly remove it. Worse, if you don’t remove those things properly and wax OVER them, you can actually SEAL them into your car’s finish.


Our Team are Experts in Paint & Finishing

We have six detailers working for us – and only two of them are allowed to polish cars because they’re very gifted at what they do. They’ve been taught, know, and understand the entire paint process. They are experts at looking at your car, determing what shape your finish is in and knowing the best way to clean it and how to make it look like new again. So our guys do an incredible job and pricing wise we’re generally very competitive if not cheaper than most mobile dealers


We offer detailing services to the public by appointment only. If you are interested in extending the life of your car’s paint and keep it looking its best, call today.

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