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Auto Paint Services
Auto Paint


When it comes to fixing and painting dents in your car, less is more.


Depending on the severity of the damage to your car, paintless dent repair (PDR) is an option for minor dings and dents. Normally, when the damage is extensive, we do a full repair job. We have to tear the area to be repaired down, remove parts, trim, break into the paint and more.


Many parts on cars are now “one-use” installs – meaning, they are meant to be installed once. Once you remove them, they MUST be replaced. For doing a minor repair, this is where you can incur additional time and cost factors. If the damage is minor and doesn’t include trim or bumpers, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a great alternative to our regular services. It is substantially less cost, fast and less intensive than a regular repair.

How to Find Out If PDR is A Good Fit for Your Car

There are three general criteria that determine if PDR is the right solution for you:


Your car can’t be more than 15 years old – Over time, paint can become brittle with age due to exposure to the elements. This means it flakes or chips easily, which could happen when attempting PDR.


Damaged area can’t have any cracks or chips in the paint – If the paint is broken at all, you will need a regular auto body repair service. Touch up painting is possible, but it never looks as good as a full repainting and repair.


Dents can’t be too large or in difficult areas – Corners or edges of the body can’t be fixed with PDR.


Benefits of PDR are:

Maintains integrity of your original


paint – no fillers or layers of paint that could peel in the future.


Fast – Repair times range from 30 minutes to four hours, depending on the condition of car.


Cost – much less compared to full repair and repainting

How It Works

Paintless dent repair utilizes special tools which shape the dents from the rear. This process is gentle in nature and does not involve banging or hammering the dents. As such, the dent is re-shaped without having to take any extra steps that would drive up costs and labor.

How To Get Started with PDR Services

When we look at a car for our initial estimate, we are the first ones to recommend if PDR is the right solution or not. On the initial estimate we will:


  • Gather all relevant information about you and your car
  • Find out if insurance will be involved or not
  • Do an initial inspection of your vehicle
  • Determine if PDR is a good fit or not


If we determine that PDR is a good fit for your vehicle, we will be able to give you an estimate and start working as soon as you are ready.

Collision Repair
Collision Repair Service


Whether it is getting in a car accident or damage that has accumulated over time, needing to get your car repaired and repainted can be stressful, unwanted and time-consuming. Most people have never had to choose a body shop to work with before.

The three main things most customers are concerned with when they contact us are:

      1. Can they trust us?
      2. How much damage is there and can you fix it?
      3. How much is it going to cost?


With B&J Body Shop, we answer those three main concerns and much more. Here is what to expect when you work with us:

Initial Meeting and Free Auto Body Estimate

We know you are busy and needing your car fixed is an inconvenience. We also know it’s a priority; that’s why you can call us at (916) 635-4400 to schedule your free estimate or just come down to our location at 11000 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670. Click here for directions.


Once here, you will be greeted by our front office staff and introduced to one of our estimators. Our estimators are super-friendly, knowledgeable and patient. They are going to “take you by the hand” and walk you through every step of our three-step process.

Step 1 – The Initial Estimate Process

We start by getting to know you and finding out some key information:

      1. What happened in the accident?
      2. Are you paying for repairs yourself or going through an insurance company?
      3. If using an insurance company, which one? Is it your insurance or the other party involved?
      4. If you are using insurance, have you had an insurance adjustor/estimator look at the vehicle yet?

Once we have that basic information, we move on to a thorough physical examination of the car. We will:

      1. We will examine the impact area – We check the obvious impact area to evaluate the damage, listing out everything we see.
      2. We will then examine the surrounding/connecting areas – Sometimes you might see that you damaged your bumper and think that’s it; what you don’t notice is the large gap between the hood and fender, which indicates there is structural damage. We will thoroughly examine all related areas and document what we find.

Step 2 – Discovery Process


Once the Initial Estimate is done, responsibility for repairs has been determined and you’ve decided to work with us, we onboard your car into our system. In this step, we:


      1. Finalize the initial estimate by turning your car over to our Discovery & Blueprint Team – This team specializes in taking apart any areas damaged in the accident, documenting every part involved and pre-ordering all parts needed.
      2. We find out what is needed in advance – We make sure we get ahead in the process by disassembling anything having to do with the damaged area. This allows us to see any potential problems, work more quickly and avoid delays.
      3. We get the final estimate and coordinate with the responsible party for authorization BEFORE starting repairs.

Step 3 – Auto Body Repair & Restoration

Once we have the accurate scope of work, estimate and authorization, we start the repair process. We:

      1. Use our industry contacts to try and use original factory parts in all repairs – Many insurance companies have in their policies to use aftermarket parts in repairs, because it is cheaper for them. We use factory parts wherever possible.
      2. We start at the structure/frame level (if applicable) and work our way up.
      3. After structure comes parts – both mechanical and body
      4. Then it goes to our paint department – our paint department has a reputation as some of the best techs in our industry. Their ability to color-match and blend paint on cars is second to none.
      5. Lastly, we detail your car upon completion, making sure the finished product is defect-free. We want your car to appear as if it was never in an accident.



If you have been in an auto accident and your car needs repairs, call us today.

Frame Straightening
Frame Straightening Services


When talking about “reconditioning” a car, it is NOT the same as the technical term in the industry, which means, “restored from salvage.” What we are talking about is repairing and restoring your car to like-new condition by identifying where repairs are needed and restoring them to factory condition.


How It Works

The goal behind our reconditioning service is to return your car to showroom-floor condition. We start by:

  • Inspecting your car – We go over the entire car, inspecting and logging everything that needs repair or restoration
  • Create a report with recommendations
  • Review budget and timeline with you


What We Can Recondition and Restore

You can return you car to like-new condition by repairing and restoring things like:

  • Headlamps – We can sand, clear coat and wax to restore clarity
  • Paint – we can re-paint parts that need it or the entire vehicle
  • Bumpers – We can do small repairs on bumpers, depending on condition
  • Trim – Many of today’s vehicles have “one-use” trim; meaning you can only replace it, not fix it
  • Interior – Fix things like cigarette burn holes, vinyl and leather repairs, carpet dying, reupholstering and foul odor removal

Our team members are experts on original specifications from all the major manufacturers. When we repair and restore a vehicle, we do it to factory specifications, using factory parts if still available.

When we are done with your car, it is going to look like it did the day it rolled off the showroom floor.


Restore to Like-New Condition & Save Money, Too

If you are looking to buy a new car today you are looking at prices that start around $25,000 for an average vehicle. Depending on the condition of your car, you may be able to restore your existing vehicle for around $5,000 or less.

If your car runs great and has plenty of miles left on it, consider reconditioning it. You could get quite a few more years out of it, have it looking like new and NOT have to deal with expensive car payments.

On top of that, used cars that have been reconditioned almost always sell at a premium price, so when you do go to sell or trade in your vehicle, you stand a better chance of getting a great value for it.

If you are interested in our used car vehicle reconditioning services, please call today to schedule an appointment for an inspection.

Insurance Claims
Insurance Claim Service

insurance claims

We Work Directly with Your Insurance Provider so YOU Don’t Have To

We have decades of experience in working with the major insurance companies and their estimators. This means we know the smoothest, most efficient way to coordinate with all responsible parties so that we can get your vehicle approved for repairs as quickly as possible and into our facility.


Once repairs have begun, we keep all parties updated so that final approvals and repair completion can be done quickly, with as little stress and hassle for you as possible.

Auto Detailing
Auto Detailing Services


Getting your car detailed consistently is the #1 way to extend the life of the appearance of your car. At B&J Body Shop, one of our secret weapons is our automobile detailing department.

When we’re done with any repair, we’ve got to make sure that it doesn’t look like your car’s just been in a body shop for the last week. It can’t be filled with dust. It can’t be covered in wax or compound or anything of that nature.


Our team – all who have experience in every part of auto body repair – are experts in knowing what to clean, how to clean it, all the different types of services there are on a car and what to do. They have a wide range of knowledge on all makes of vehicles, whether it be paint, plastics, alloys and more.


A complete interior and exterior detail is the final part of our auto body repair process. But – you DON’T have to get body work done on your car to use our detailing service.


All Car Detail Shops are NOT Created Equal

Your car’s paint is like your skin. Foreign contaminants can stick to it; overspray, tree sap, fallout, bugs, hard water stains and much more. Anything of that nature gets on your paint, it’s going to damage it if you don’t know how to properly remove it. Worse, if you don’t remove those things properly and wax OVER them, you can actually SEAL them into your car’s finish.


Our Team are Experts in Paint & Finishing

We have six detailers working for us – and only two of them are allowed to polish cars because they’re very gifted at what they do. They’ve been taught, know, and understand the entire paint process. They are experts at looking at your car, determing what shape your finish is in and knowing the best way to clean it and how to make it look like new again. So our guys do an incredible job and pricing wise we’re generally very competitive if not cheaper than most mobile dealers


We offer detailing services to the public by appointment only. If you are interested in extending the life of your car’s paint and keep it looking its best, call today.

The Detailers And Support Team
Fleet Services

fleet services


In any sort of business where there is a fleet of vehicles used, if the vehicle is down, the business is not making money with that vehicle.

We understand the expenses that go on behind the scenes when it comes to operating a fleet of vehicles for a business, not to mention if you are dealing with an accident, too. We understand the potential in lost revenue, time, efficiency and more.

Regardless of whether it is a fleet of two trucks or fifty, we understand how important it is for you as the business owner to get your vehicle back as quickly as possible. We do everything we can to fast-track your repairs and get your vehicle back on the road.


What Our Program Looks Like

Typically when we have a fleet relationship with a business, we look for things like:

  • Same Brand of Vehicles – Generally, your business will usually have all the same make of vehicle (Chevy, Ford, etc…)
  • We fast-track your vehicle by prioritizing it in the schedule
  • We try to keep a small stock of parts on hand for your fleet
  • We pre-order your parts as soon as possible
  • Depending on the color of the vehicle, we can pre-paint certain parts to save time
  • Accelerated Repair Scheduling
  • Discounts were applicable


How It Works


Initial Estimate

Just like our regular auto body repair process, we start with:

  • Initial Inspection & Estimate – Here we document all the damage, inspect surrounding areas to damaged area, looking for any possible related damage on vehicle
  • We write up the estimate
  • We coordinate with insurance companies to determine responisble party


Formal Discovery Process

Once we accept the vehicle for repairs – in addition to the fleet service perks mentioned above – we:

  • Tear down and blueprint the vehicle
  • Inspect for hidden damage
  • Map and measure auto body
  • Finalize the estimate
  • Get authorization from financially responsible party
  • Start the repair process


Auto Body Repair & Restoration

From there, we fast-track your fleet vehicle to our auto body repair line. We:

  • Start with the frame and structure, ensuring it is straight and true
  • Repair or replace any engine/mechanical parts needed
  • Repair or replace Body panels and main areas of car
  • Repair or replace all trim needed
  • Repair or replace all bumpers needed
  • Paint to factory specifications

We do this entire process as quickly as possible as we realize you need your work vehicle back as soon as possible. When you do get it back, it will look like it was never in an accident and as always, all repairs are covered for the life of the vehicle.


If you are interested in learning more about Fleet Auto Body Repair Services, please call to schedule an appointment.

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